Mmmm quite an odd feeling

Actually feel happy!!!!!!


Feeling vulnerable

Woke this morning feeling vulnerable. After a the feeling of rejection last night (likely to just be in my head) and a vivid unpleasant dream. I feel vulnerable.

I have two overwhelming feelings.

One to curl back up in bed and try to ignore this world and him today.

But the other is to go and put myself out there.

I can usually make decisions quiet clearly. But with him I question myself. I have a lot to lose if I am open and honest. Yet feel I’d miss a wonderful opportunity if I sit back and say nothing.

One of the biggest challenges I face is the war within my own head.

So many …

…. Unfinished ties. Yet I don’t want closure. I want you. We are worth it. We deserve happiness and love. We owe it to ourselves to knock those pesky little walls down.

Day 69 – Feeling of dread.

Have you ever sat there and out of the blue felt like something bad is going to happen. Your gut and chest physically hurts. And your heart is suddenly fill of overwhelming dread?

At 1:50pm today this feeling over whelmed me. Scared me even. So much so I contacted people close to me to make sure they were ok.

The feelings getting stronger. It feels surreal. So sending positive vibes to the world.

Kelz @ kelzbelzphotography xx