Spring in my step – Day 9

I’m grateful for my passions and hobbies. I once thought what’s the point of hobbies how damn boring. But reality was my life was boring. I’d cook and clean and take care of my kids and everyone else. It was ground hog day. So lucky to have found my passions. My photography, pyrography, zentangle, cake decorating and chocolate making to name a few. Its opened my eyes to a whole new world 🙂

I have so much to be grateful for ….

As winter in new Zealand draws to a end and we welcome spring next week I’ve been thinking about old passions and hobbies which I’ve let fall to the back burner. A big one being this blog. its brought me such happiness and time to start a fresh.

So I’ll be doing a daily series I’m calling “Spring in my step”. I use to do a daily positives post and really miss it. it challenges me to look at things in a different way. Whish is brilliant for my bpd, ocd and life in general.

Also I’ll be challenging myself to one photo a day for the 3months of spring.

So cheers to the end of winter and bringing more happiness to my already amazing life

New beginnings new challenges

So as you knowing I’m trying new things. My wood carving is one. This piece is unfinished but I’m proud of it already


. I’m also learning to incorporate typography, cake decorating and writing into my love of zentangle. I’ve also started pyrography.


Which literary means writing with fire. Here’s a sneak peak


Never have I had such a longing to try new things. To allow my passion of creating to turn into anything thing. To stop making excuses to why I can’t do something. Instead I’m doing it. Its powerful and beyond freeing to unleash a side I’ve kept buried for my whole life

Daily positive 44

Well there’s a few today.

I slept! Yes glorious amazing magical dream free sleep . I’m in a little shock 9 hours. Woke half a dozen times. But I can handle that because the rest of the time was perfect. I feel alive, refreshed, ready to take on the rest of what ever withdrawals come my way.

Also my sailor again was sneaky, and thoughtful and left me some money hidden in my art case for stuff me n the house might need. So I ordered the art pens I’ve been dreaming off

My little art case


Thought I’d share my tools of zentangle, of course art sketch books and the above. I’d say its cost about $50 to get what I have including folders, shoes, etc.

I’d have to say though out of the whole lot the my top 5 items would be

1. 6h pencil
2. Fine tip black pen 0.4
3. 6b pencil for shading
4. Rubber
5. Pencil sharpener

So I reckon for about $10 you could start zentangle art