I can admit it

I can admit it, some (most) of my post can be of a sad nature. I tend to have more to write when I’m low. But on a more positive note Ive got back into an old hobby. Competitions. Yip Ive starting comping again. Yip its worth it. In the first week alone I won a stunning gluten free cookbook worth $50, and a new cellphone worth $100. I’ve also started online surveys again. Ive got nearly enough to cash out $30, plus I received a $20 voucher for a local shop still with $15 I can have when I’m ready.

Not bad for a week of distracting and excitement.

Are you a comper? What have you won? Is luck on your side?


Day 20 – Magic happens?


I was walking through town this morning and found this tagged on a construction tempory wall.

I may not agree with tagging however it made me smile. Also a little curious.

Why you ask?

Do you think magic happens if you let it. Is life down to good mangement, chance or luck.

Im in two minds and would love to hear what you think