We went to hell and back

Over the past few weeks with being in competition and me losing my mind but so many positives. We gained strength as a family unit really supporting and backing each other. I’m proud of all of us. My hubby really backing me emotionally and physically. Being there for the kids in so many ways. Being patient beyond all expectations. Believing in me when I didn’t. Showing our son what real support from a dad is. Protecting our girl and guiding her in ways she hasn’t experienced. Stepping up around the house to take pressure off me. All the while never complaining. Watching our boy gain a confidence he was lacking, pride in himself and his cooking. Having him and I grow closer having a bond of food and competing.

Originally I was going to enter three classes in the comp and our boy one. But the pressure of life got on top of me. So I dropped one. This past weekend it was time. I was due to drop my statics in the comp. On the way my cheesecake started slipping off the plate, then melting. But some how managed to get the cheese cake and artisan bread up.

Bailey’s and white chocolate cheesecake with a dark chocolate and espresso cremeux, glazed with a dark chocolate mirror glaze. A different Bailey’s cream cheese icing, garnished with chocolate and gold leaf.

For the breads I had to produce three different types so I made a 18 hr double hydration ciabatta. A laminated and plaited duck fat and bacon brioche and a garlic and rosemary foccicia. I also add artichoke paste and whipped butter.

Sadly we didn’t get a photo of the actual comp dish of my boys but he did the veg soup live, he made a borscht with a horse radish and sour cream garnished with chives

We had prize giving and we place extremely well.

Our boy received a silver medal and over all winner of class, along side awesome prizes

And I won 2 silver medals

One of the proudest moments as a competitor, a mum and as a family


Better late then never

Letting go of expectations of other people. It’s Mother’s Day and I’m sad. No breakfast in bed, no card. My five year old is to young to remember and my son doesn’t know what to do. The normal is either my ex or my mother taking them to get me a little gift and helping them with the day. I usually make a big cake for my mum and now ex mum n law. This year there’s nothing. My mothers not talking to me and being an ex I can’t go and see my ex mum in law. I have a present for them both even though one won’t ever get it.

Mother’s Day means alot to me. I make such a huge deal out of it. I’m just sad. No one bothered to help my kids with it and especially my son is unhappy. I have to drop the expectation that people will step up. Actions well lack of actions speaks volumes. Sometimes life is just cruel and unfair.



It’s a privilege and an honour to have entered the new world of being a mother for the first time 11 years ago. The second time just about 5 years ago. I just wanted to shout to the blogging world how proud I am to be a mama.

Day 65 – Meet the new addition to my family!


Meet the new addition to my family ­čÖé Many years ago at high school, I dreamed off joining the photography class, learning to use a film camera and develop the film in a dark room. But being in foster care, I knew I couldn’t afford it. So I kept my dreams ┬áto myself until earlier this year nearly 15 years later. It was a few months before my birthday when my mum arrived with this awesome camera for me. She works as a volunteer at a charity shop. She had found this brand new in the original box for a grand total of $12. I was so happy. It’s a┬áMitsuba Deluxe Camera TC-5000, focus free 35mm film, zoom type lens, deluxe electronic flash. I can’t wait to get film to go out and take photos. Whilst I love digital, the thought of film brings back my dream.