Instead of the talent

I wish I had (wish I knew how to link post via my iPhone app) I’m going to share with you the talent I do have.


What feels like many moons ago I sat sad you see I wanted to learn photography at high school and sadly giving the fact of my living situation and lack of money. I was unable to. So I pushed it into the back of my mind.

Fast forward 15 odd years. I was living in a caravan after being homeless. Two attempts recently behind me, my children no longer in my care (that’s a whole other post right there) I’d lost everything.

This one day I picked up my camera and went walking. Snapping away at anything that caught my eye. Getting back to the van I uploaded all the photos. Shocked to find some semi good ones from my little crappy $80 camera. Few tweaks here and there and I had some massive photos.

This restarted my passion and fire for photography. My dream job. Over time with my self teaching, others comments I realised I had found my talent

So my new goal for my 30s is to study, train, learn all I can with the hope one day I can have my work in a gallery.

dreams and hope

Finally …

After many years I’m the happy proud new owner of a iPhone. Yip behind the times but love the iPhone 3GS. Wanted to try this one before I spent a lot on the latest iPhone. I’m converted and will never go back to another brand off phone 🙂

Day 74 – No :+

No blog, no photos, no fun today. Instead I’m cleaning. Have the overwhelming feeling to go out and forget to clean hehe. Have good day everyone

Day 73 – Yay 100!!!!

Just wanted to thank everyone who has liked and is following my blog. I’ve just hit 100 people following me. It’s an achievement for me considering I never thought anyone would be interested in following me. Happy moment 🙂

Day 70 – Lack of faith.

After a lack of faith in myself lately, I’ve decided I need to get my camera out again. No matter what people say or think I need to get back out there. I adore every part of photography. So time to make my little stamp on the world.